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Welcome back!

If there were no headlines in the newspaper, what articles would you read?

Hmmm… Good question, huh?

I dunno about you – but I wouldn’t know which articles interested me, so I probably wouldn’t read any of them.

Could I ask you a favor and take this short little Headline IQ test? (Don’t worry – it only takes a minute, but proves a valuable point)

Here’s a hypothetical company, American Pet Wash, and it’s website is (this site doesn’t really exist).

I created the top few lines of two “fake” landing pages (or homepages) for you to look at and think about.

#1…  (This is typical of how many web sites are written)

Welcome To American Pet Wash

111 Doe Lane
Anyware NH 00000

* Pet supplies
* Custom pet care products
* Flea baths
* click here to contact us



“Get Rid Of Fleas Permanently With Our All Natural Pet Wash!”

Our custom designed flea and bug wash was designed with YOUR cats and dogs in mind!

This easy to apply, all natural formula will leave your pride and joy “flea free” as soon as you wash them, and it will prevent them from ever getting flea infested again. 

American Pet Wash
111 Doe Lane
Anyware NH 00000


As you can see, both examples are for the same company, selling the same thing.

Now here’s the test:  If you had a pet, which one would grab your attention more and compel you to continue reading?

The second one, right?  But why?

Simply because “Welcome to American Pet Wash” just doesn’t give you any reason to keep reading.

You see, the second one has a headline with a specific customer (that is you) benefit. It makes you WANT to keep reading further. After all, wouldn’t most of us animal lovers love to get rid of fleas?

The trick to creating a compelling headline is to write one that is focused on what your prospects want – NOT about you and your company.

Now…I’ll get a lot of grumbling from some of you, but your company name is not a headline!

Generally, prospects don’t really care about your company name at this point, because they’re searching the Internet for information and solutions to THEIR problems.

And that’s why you need to craft a “customer driven” headline.

Now…you need to realize a couple of things.

When someone types a search term in Google, the first headline carries some weight with them when they give you the results page. It is not the most important factor in search engine optimization, but it is necessary nonetheless!  (that is a topic that people have written whole books about)

Also, your prospects will believe that you are sincerely trying to provide them with valuable information or a great solution to their problem.

Remember what I said earlier, your headline and copy must be about them, not you.

You would be amazed at just how many sites, even ones written for some very big, public companies, do not have a customer focused, profit generating headline on their homepages.

So, in summary,  remember this…

 * “Welcome” or “Thanks For Checking Us Out” IS NOT a Headline

 * Write your headline for your customer, not you

 * Provide a compelling reason for them to keep reading by quickly showing how your product or service can benefit them

Now you should understand why it’s so important to have a prominent, compelling headline on your website, cuz if you don’t, you’re probably leaving a good chunk of change laying on the table for your competition to snatch away.

See ya next time!


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