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Good to see ya again!

Today I’m going on a little rant about a marketing mistake I see businesses make over and over again. And for the life of me, I cant understand why!

Many businesses fail to keep track of client and prospect contact information.

Why would a business of any kind neglect to track of their customer contact information in a database of some kind? I just don’t get it.

Don’t they realize what a goldmine they are literally throwing away?  After they make a purchase, they just let ’em walk right out the door without getting any valuable information.

How can any business effectively market to their prospects and customers without an accurate list?

So what’s the big deal about keeping a list?

For one thing, surveys from companies such as the Direct Marketing Association and other well known marketing groups show that it costs anywhere between 5 and 10 times as much to get a new client or lead than to sell to an existing one!

Think about this for a minute…

Your existing clients have already experienced your companies products and services, and hopefully, they were positive ones.  They know you and know how you treat them.

When you have a list, it’s much easier to sell them new products and services, especially if your computer system shows what their past purchases have been.  Plus you can market complimentary (and more profitable) products to what they have.

The advantage of keeping a prospect or lead list is you can easily work on building relationships with them.  And that’s what they want– someone that they trust and feel comfortable with.  Why spend all the time and money to acquire new clients, and then not keep track of them.

The other benefit is an accurate customer list makes it much easier to stay in touch with them on a regular basis – I recommend at least monthly.  Send out a newsletter, either e-mail or a printed one.  Send out thank you cards, or reminders for an upcoming event or sale.  Anything to keep in touch!

Even if you just enter them in a Excel spreadsheet or Word Document, or even on a pad of paper, but for crying out loud, KEEP A LIST

KEEP IN MIND: Your customer list is your most valuable company asset!

See ya next time!


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