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Hi there!

Would you do me a super quick favor?

Take a look at one of your fancy, glossy, full-color (meaning expensive) company brochures.

What does it say?

I’m going to go out on a limb here…but I would guess that your company name and logo, and maybe a nice picture on it, with the name right up front in nice big letters.

Then, you list a bunch of the products you sell, their features, and services you provide and maybe some more pictures, then contact information usually follows.

It probably looks beautiful and real professional, especially considering what you paid to have the graphic designer create them and get them printed.

So what is the problem with this, you ask?

Well, first of all, I would almost bet that everyone that you give these to probably takes a quick glance and sticks ’em in a drawer or maybe even throws them away.

I know you don’t really want to hear that, but that is usually what happens.

The problem is this: 

Most brochures look like everyone else’s in your type of business, only talking about you and your company. It follows the “me too” syndrome by not talking to your prospect, showing them the benefits to them of using your products and services.

Same thing happens when people are looking at different ads. There’s nothing to differentiate you from the crowd. People look at your ads or materials from their prospective based on what they want, not from yours.

As a matter of fact, they usually don’t even care about what your company name is (unless you have already sold them on what benefits you offer)

Below is the secret of all of your marketing materials, for example, brochures, website content, business cards, and anything else your prospects see from you:

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits…   Don’t only list features, unless you also show the benefits of the features right there at the same time.  But sadly, most materials don’t do that and end up being a waste of money!

Make sure it is direct response oriented.  The prospects only care about what you and your company can do for them, not how nice and pretty your brochure looks.

Granted, you do also need all the other stuff, contact details and such, but list all of the customer benefits up front, to be seen first and everything else later.

You will find that you get a higher response rate and more clients when you sell them on your benefits to them!

See ya next time!


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