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Create More Profitable Marketing And Advertising Campaigns By Consistently Testing And Tracking Everything


Tracking your ROI (return on investment) on your advertising and marketing strategies and campaigns…

So let me ask you a question – do you do track your advertising?

In these unstable economic times, it definitely can be the difference between your business surviving and thriving or declaring bankruptcy.

You’ll find that successful companies meticulously track every penny spent and are able to pin it to every specific marketing action, and know immediately if a specific campaign, media, or technique was successful or if it was a dud.

For example: Do you know how many leads you get each month from your Yellow Pages ads?

Better yet, how about the leads you get from different local editions of the Yellow Pages, or even the breakdown of leads based on the different categories you are listed in.

Let’s say that ZZZ Corporation puts a Yellow Pages ad in 3 different books.  They keep a list on a sheet of paper, and every time someone calls or comes in, they are asked where they heard about them.  They simply put a checkmark in the column of the referenced book. this is a simple, maybe oversimplified, way of determining which book is getting more referrals.

After 9 months of this tracking and tallying totals, they decided that 1 of the 3 books was not producing enough results to continue the next year, so they stopped advertising in that one.

It wasn’t a very high-tech way to track the results – but it was effective – and it’s more than most other businesses do. 

You see, you must track responses and costs associated with EVERY ad or letter you write, including the media that was used.  This includes web sites, e-mail campaigns and anything else.

Think about it: How else will you know if a particular ad in magazine A on a certain day worked better than the same ad in magazine B?

It’s awful tough to make smart marketing decisions if you don’t know all of the facts, isn’t it?

The bottom line is this…

Make sure to track everything from exact costs to specific response rates to determine if a particular ad or action is working for you. 

And remember, every action is only a test, not failure or success.

Till next time!


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