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Why should you spend money on
marketing in this economy?


Contrary to what you may think – it’s actually a great time for your business to aggressively market and advertise.

I understand, the economy stinks and like many business owners, you’re in cash-saving mode – not spending a penny on anything, just so you can ride this thing out.

But hear me out for a second:

The fact is that many companies are slashing advertising budgets to the bone in order to conserve cash.

They are mailing less, spending less on space ads – basically losing all momentum and much of the precious public awareness.  

On the other hand, there are companies that are taking advantage of that fact, and spending more on their marketing campaigns that are generating new leads, sales, and public awareness.


Because with so many company’s advertising literally coming to a grinding halt, the total amount of ads and mail that people are getting from them is significantly reduced…

Meaning – the ads and sales promos people do see and get from the companies that continue marketing will now stand out even more – because the competition for their attention is almost non-existent.

Plus, if you look back in history, you’ll see that some of the biggest companies ever built were started during the Great Depression.

I’m talking companies such as Hewlett Packard, Proctor & Gamble, General Electric, and IBM.

And they continued to survive through the years because of consistent marketing, even during the lean years of depressions and recessions, coming out even stronger than before.

This same story has repeated itself over and over, even with companies not as big as these, with the end result being the same:

Companies that didn’t slash their advertising budgets to the bone during hard times, and when the economy turned around, were stronger than before and recovered much faster than the ones that stopped.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to make some adjustments, because you will. So focus on your core strengths, test everything, increase the ads and marketing that works, and ditch the rest.

Make sure you are using direct response techniques that directly generate leads or sales, and cut back on the branding strategies that you can’t track.

So take from this what you will, but history is usually a good indicator of success.

Till next time!

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