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How Using “The Right Timing”
Will Boost Your Ad’s Success!


Welcome back marketing guru!

I have a question for you… (and if you’ve been reading my recent newsletters, you should know the answer)

Did you know that providing the right message… to the right market… using the right media sometimes isn’t enough to get your cash registers ringing?

Okay – so it was kind of a trick question!

I know you’ve learned how important these factors are to produce a successful ad or marketing campaign – but the fourth part of the formula I haven’t yet talked about is timing.

The timing of your sales letter, ad, or postcard, or whatever campaign you’re running is just as important to your results as the other three factors, and sometimes, even more important.

What does it really mean to have great timing?

It’s really pretty simple, but it still doesn’t get the attention it should.

Retailers often have this figured out much better than non-retailers. For example, I’m sure you’ve noticed that they will advertise certain products at certain times of the year.

Snow blowers several weeks before the snow starts falling, lawn mowers advertised a couple of months before lawns turn green again, boxes of chocolates right before Valentine’s Day, and …well…you get the drift.

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing.

The other side of it is really, really bad timing.

A financial services client told me about an experience he had where he learned the importance of timing the hard (and costly) way.

He hired someone to create a postcard to generate some new leads to promote a financial planning service he offered. After it was ready to be mailed, he procrastinated for several months before mailing out 7,000 of them.

Unfortunately for him, three days after mailing them, the market completely tanked and within a couple of weeks, most people had lost 30-40 percent of their savings, investment, and retirement accounts.

Needless to say, the response to his offer was dismal – to say the least, because nobody was interested at that point. They just lost much of their money.

If he would have mailed it when they were done, he probably would have added a bunch of new clients to his house list.

You see, timing can be influenced by the time of year, holidays, weather, local and national events, tragedies, even new laws…

So, learn from these good and bad examples, and always keep “the right time” in mind any time you run an ad or mail out a direct mail piece and take advantage the best you can.

I’ll catch you next time!


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